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Opening Hours(In Korea Time)

  • Weekday 09:00~18:00
  • Lunch Time 12:00~13:00
  • Sat, Sun and Holidays are closed.
Exchange rate USD 1 = ₩1170
Q: Why do payments fail?
1. If you try to pay more than a certain amount with the same credit card, the payment may fail for security reasons.

2. Repeated attempts to pay on the same PC can cause payment fail for security reasons.

In this case, use different credit card or PC please.
Q: I cannot remerber my reservation number
If you would like to check your reservation details after booking, you need your reservation number.
If you cannot find your reservation number,
Please let us know by email, we can help you to find out.
Q: When is the payment due date?
Payment must be completed by 11 am on the following day.
If the payment is not completed by the due date, the reservation will be automatically cancelled.
Q: How do I cancel or change my train ticket reservation?
1. To cancel your train ticket, please contact us by email during business hours. (9 am - 6 pm in weekdays in Korea time)

2. Cancellation request should be during business hours. If you request cancellation on weekends and holidays, the cancellation fee will be applied as of the next business day.

3. It is unable to change train ticket after booking. You can cancel your reservation and make a new one. When you cancel your reservation, please refer to following cancellation fee policy.

4. Cancellation cannot be withdrawn.

** Cancellation Policy **
- Full refund 4 days before departure
- 80% refund 3 days before departure
- 70% refund 2 days before departure
- 60% refund a day before departure
- 50% refund 3 hours before departure
- 1 hours before departure is nonrefundable.
Q: Can I book train ticket only? How can I get a discount?
You can book train ticket only. However, if you book with activity ticket together, you can get a discount benefit (up to 35%).
Q: How can I check my train ticket?
After paying, you can check the reservation details on the left menu "Reservation Check and Pay"on webpage. You can also print out the ticket from your Desktop.